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We're really excited to introduce our newest collection of certified Fair Trade products from Nepal.  We have been working with an AMAZING fair trade organization out of Nepal.  Hand-loomed
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If you're like us and read  many travel publications, you'll inevitably read how Istanbul is such a culture clash, how it's the gateway to Asia or where East meets West.  Yes, these things h
Far away from any news footage you may see of the debt crisis in Athens and just a stone's throw from Turkey lies the sleepy little island of Kastelorizo, Greece.  We haven't yet made it to Greec
Insomnia can have some advantages. Looking out the window of our sweltering room I began to see the sky turn from black to a deep shade of blue. This sign means it would be a somewhat sane time to ge
Making our way to Denizli, the textile capital of Turkey, we couldn't resist taking an afternoon to check out Pamukkale.  This may look like a field  of snow or frosting, but it's actually n
Greetings and sorry for our absence!  Just a heads up, if your hard drive is starting to fail, sometimes your backup drive is about as worthless as a broken hard drive.  Apparently, our misb
It's good to go where everyone knows you're name.  No, we're not at Cheers, we're back in Jodhpur, India.  We always stay at the same place, the Devi Bhawan.  We've spent probably about 30 days h
More photos continuing our post from Bhaktapur, Nepal.
We're back in Kathmandu.  When we arrived at our guest house, I dropped my bags and grabbed my camera.  I love walking around the old part of town south of Thamel, there's usually a few interesting
The rain here in Kolkata has been pretty relentless.  I usually try to wake up around sunrise to get in a few hours of photography before working, but the rain just keeps coming.  I did manage to ge
During our first meeting in Kolkata, our fair trade supplier told us that the monsoon would arrive any day.  We know that the monsoon is the rainy season, but I didn't realize that it actually "arriv
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Vietnam without scooters would be a lonely place, how did they ever live without them?  It's nearly impossible to take a photo without having a scooter somewhere in the frame.  This post is to celeb
Throughout our travels, we have started to recognize the color turquoise and other variations of it as a kind of international color.  Maybe we just like to photograph this color, so we're looking fo
One of the days I was wondering around Hanoi taking photos, I made my way towards the large rusty steel bridge spanning the Red River.  There are other bridges in Hanoi, and it looks like they are bu
The single most common feature of Hanoi is the street side eateries.  I really can't call most of them cafes because the majority of them are made up of three main components:  plastic stackable sto
We're back in Hanoi to meet with a Fair Trade group producing accessories for our upcoming launch of our products.  This is our second time in Hanoi, which is always nice because we have the luxury o
Meggan and I are in Bali right now.  We have been here before and have seen the beauty that makes Bali famous.  Unfortunately, there are parts of Bali that can only be described as tourist slums. 
We found a great location to stage more of our product at the morning market in Jepara, Central Java Indonesia.  Since it was later in the morning with some nasty light, we lucked out by finding a be
We just spent the day photographing some samples of our new line of reclaimed teak wood furniture.  We are so excited on how everything is turning out and really want to share the product photos, but
Meggan and I are currently in Jepara, which is a fishing town (also known for its furniture) on the north coast of Central Java.  We are working on developing products made from reclaimed boat teak.
We were able to find a great deal on some plane tickets to Indonesia.  Sometimes great deals don't necessarily equate to the most direct route.  For instance, our flight took us from Denver to LA to
We'd like to wish you all a happy Earth Day.  What a beautiful and fragile planet we live on. (Image: Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica)
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Now that we are approaching record prices at the pump and it's starting to feel like spring, I thought I'd honor the world of pedal power.  Although there are people in the USA that depend on their b
The Story: Today in our travel through food segment, we're going to Hong Kong.  Meggan and I spent about 10 days in this buzzing city of over 7 million.  Hong Kong offers about every type of cuis
My screen saver on my computer in the office is rotating images from our photo hard drives.  Right now there are just about 60,000 photos stored on these drives.  I often find myself just staring at
The other day in the car, I was listening to an interview on NPR.  The interview was with Gavin Pretor-Pinney, the man who wrote a book called The Cloud Collector's Handbook. This book is essentially
The Story: As soon as we crossed the Chilean border into Argentina, we had no idea we were about to embark on a culinary marathon.  We consumed more beef in a one month span than we did the previous
Our guides thought we were out of our minds to want to set up a shot in Jodhpur, they wished us luck and said unfortunately they'd be "busy".  After the rural photo shoot under our belts, we knew we
One of our main objectives of our new business is to celebrate the places where our products are made and the artisans who made them.  We are having some furniture produced in Jodhpur, India and this