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Sleeping under the stars and hearing singing angels in the morning sounds like a fairy tale, right? No, it is Spitzkoppe.  Spitzkoppe is in the center of a desert with enormous boulders. 
Beau and I didn't have a clue what 100,000 seals together would smell like but we had a good guess.  Our guess turned out to be correct.  The seals definitely did not smell fabulous.&#
Talk about the middle of nowhere...  Solitaire is said to be the smallest town in Namibia, which consists of a gas station, post office and a little general shop.  A Scottish (I think) m
We had an indigenous bushman walk us through the Namib-Naukluft Park from a place called Sossusvlei to Deadvlei.  He was one of the most fascinating characters we've met on this trip. 
The Namib-Naukluft National Park is in the center of the Namib Desert, which is thought to be the oldest desert on the planet.  We were up before sunrise to climb Dune 45.  This is a famo
For being so far away from home, driving through the vast barren landscape of Namibia brought me right back to home.  I had some flashbacks to many hours of windshield time of a salesman drivin
Our overland adventure of Africa will take us through 9 countries and over bumpy roads.  For two months we will be camping in a canvas tent in many different settings.  Our first night of
We had the opportunity to see life outside Cape Town's cosmopolitan city center.  We walked through the township of Langa.  The township consists of deteriorating buildings some of whi
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We went on a beautiful day trip out of Cape Town to Cape Point.  The drive alone was full of amazing scenery.  We also saw a few sites along the way.  We took a small 30 minute boa
"Before I give you these tickets, you must promise to vote for Table Mountain as one of the wonders of the world. Okay?" "We promise." We promptly responded to the woman at the
The d'Orsay museum is not as gigantic as the Louvre, but it too really needs days to appreciate.  Out of the two museums, I prefer the art in the d'Orsay.  It's really amazin
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As the crowds dictate, the Louvre is an amazing place.  It is actually the most visited museum in the world.  The greatest part about the Louvre is that you can have it all to yourself.&#
It started several months ago as a hint and then I only became more persistent the closer we got.  I would say "Come on Beau we can't get this close to the Paris and not go" and &q
As most of you know, London is famous for its gray and rainy days with quick patches of sunshine.  Beau and I lucked out and only had a few on our trip but we did take full advantage of those da