The Usual | Kathmandu, Nepal

We’re back in Kathmandu.  When we arrived at our guest house, I dropped my bags and grabbed my camera.  I love walking around the old part of town south of Thamel, there’s usually a few interesting photos to be had.  When I got back from my walkabout,  Meggan asked how it was.  I told her the usual: bikes, fruit, turquoise walls and old people.  Maybe I’m stuck in a rut, but I will never be able to resist taking photos of these things.  I’ll just go with it.Turqoise wall AND a bike | Kathmandu, NepalFruit | Kathmandu, NepalKathmandu, NepalKathmandu, NepalKathmandu, Nepal

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9 Responses to The Usual | Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. Tree says:

    I like the photo with the woman wearing the pink dress in the doorway. It’s a real contrast to the rest of the photo.

    • Beau says:

      Thanks. I really liked that one too. It was taken in a little courtyard area with a Buddhist stuppa at the end of a long narrow alleyway. Just as I was coming to the end of the alleyway, the pink spark of color of the dress was the first thing I saw.

      Can’t wait to see you guys!

  2. and those everyday things can be the most incredible when you really look.

  3. Sandy says:

    I love them all but especially the picture of the man, bike and fruit. The colors are fabulous

  4. miranda m. says:

    what a gorgeous rut to be stuck in! 🙂

  5. Diana says:

    beautiful, beautiful photos that make me want to enlarge them to see them closer. Wishing you both well.