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When you envision what Vietnam looks like, you probably wouldn't picture Sapa.  At least it's not what we would picture.  When we think Vietnam, we think rice patties, jungles an
Hanoi the second largest city in Vietnam behind Ho Chi Minh City.  Both these cities have a chaotic hustle and bustle about them, although Hanoi does not have the mind-boggling number of scoo
I couldn't help but think we were in a fantasy world.  I could almost picture the scene we were looking at illustrated on a paperback book with a dragon or Pegasus flying by.  Heck,
Our next stop in Vietnam was a 3 hour drive north of Danang over a mountain pass to a city called Hue (pronounced "way").  Hue is best known for it's historical and cultural sights
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Hoi An, VIetnam is a brilliant place for photographers.  It seems where ever we looked was a great photo opportunity.  This town is absolutely charming.  As we mentioned in our last
  Beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, historic buildings, boutique shops all wrapped up into a UNESCO world heritage sight makes Hoi An, Vietnam a place you may not want to leave. 
Life on the Mekong Delta revolves around water.  We stayed in a beautiful cruise boat with room for us and our family.  From the decks of our beautiful boat we could see the hustle and bu
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  Brick dormer structures are scattered along the banks of the Mekong Delta.  These structures are the kilns of brick and paver factories.  The bricks are made from the clay dredg
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Since our Mekong Delta trip was such a photographic adventure we decided to break it into 3 more parts.  This post focuses on our little jaunts off our boat.  A couple times a day we wo
  After looking back through our photos, we have more appreciation for the Mekong Delta.  Similar to our Trans-Mongolian train ride, going down the Mekong River in a boat doesn't offer
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The Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City has a long history.  A history that Beau and I don't really want to get into because it is an emotional topic for many people.  So if you a
Meggan and I wanted to do a quick post on a pretty little temple in Ho Chi Minh City. The Thien Hau Pagoda is a Chinese temple built to honor the goddess of the sea. At this point, we seen many amaz