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Our journey continued for our previous post. Semarang was the next stop where we hopped off the train to visit.  Semarang is a bustling city, kind of like Java turned down several notches.  There
The next few posts chronicle our travels overland from Jakarta along the northern coast of Java to Semarang, up to Jepara and finally down to Yogajakarta.  Our photos are really in no particular orde
Is Singapore super clean?  Yes.  Is Singapore expensive?  Yes.  Is Singapore densely populated by businesses, hotels, apartments, restaurants, and shopping malls filled with people?  Yes.  But a
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Kuala Lumpur is the sprawling capital city of Malaysia as well as a collision of all things Asian.  This city has an astonishing amount of cultural diversity.  The people that reside in KL are ethni
Taking a speedboat from one island to another has to be one of the coolest ways to get to a new country.  We hopped on a speedboat taxi in Ko Lipe, Thailand and about a hour later we were docked at a
Three days of isolation on a beach is fantastic, but there's a limit to our attention span. We decided to move on to another island, increasing the "things going on scale" a bit. We chose an island ne
Probably the world's best problem to have: there's just too many islands to choose from.  We found ourselves saying this while we were charting out our island tour.  We ended up choosing a small qui
From Ko Samui, Meggan and I took the ferry to the mainland and a bus directly across the thin strip of Thailand to Ao Nang on the opposite coast.  We used Ao Nang as our jumping off point for island
The one thing we've missed the most while traveling has been our friends and family. We are always thrilled at the chance of meeting up with someone along the way. Meggan's Mom decided to make the lon
On the coast of Cambodia near the Vietnamese border lies the town of Kep.  We heard about this place from an Irish couple we met in Laos.  They told us that Kep is a great place to relax and to get
I don't have to tell you that Beau and I love food; our past food post say everything. It's amazing that we are relatively the same size as when we left with what we eat each day.  So when we heard a
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We really didn't know what to expect when we arrive Phnom Penh.  We've heard a few bad wraps from travelers, so maybe we were preparing to be underwhelmed, but it turns out that we r
We have had this feeling in a handful of places around the world.  The buzzing feeling of standing in a place wrapped in profound history, mystique and natural beauty.  Exploring Angkor