Istanbul | New Old European Asian

Istanbul old new european asianIf you’re like us and read  many travel publications, you’ll inevitably read how Istanbul is such a culture clash, how it’s the gateway to Asia or where East meets West.  Yes, these things have become cliche but it is remarkable how all these traits ring so true and what an an amazing city Istanbul really is.  From people to food to architecture and art all seemingly being attracted by their polarity.  Meggan and I strolled through the city for a late afternoon with our cameras.  Within just a few dozen shots in a few hours they reflect the new, the old, European and Asian influences and everything in between.  Without a doubt, Istanbul remains on our shortlist of the best cities in the world. Istanbul in black and white

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  1. Stephen Schreck says:

    I spent a month in Istanbul a couple years ago and loved ever second of it.