Jepara Fishing Harbor | Reclaimed Boat Wood

Meggan and I are currently in Jepara, which is a fishing town (also known for its furniture) on the north coast of Central Java.  We are working on developing products made from reclaimed boat teak.  For a little inspiration, I went down to the fishing harbor just before sunset.

The fisherman look like rough guys, but they were really friendly and were probably making several jokes about the goofy tall white guy.  Several of the men invited me aboard to take their photos and one boat of guys bought me a coffee at the little food cart half way down the pier.  They refused to let me pay.  All of this and so often there are government travel advisories for Indonesia?  Java is really one of the friendliest places we’ve been.  I guess like anywhere, it just takes a few bad people to diminish all the good from a place.

We’re really excited about the product we’re developing here, we’ll keep you posted! For more photos of this series, check out the World Effect Facebook page.

3 Responses to Jepara Fishing Harbor | Reclaimed Boat Wood

  1. Tree says:

    Lovin the photos, keep ’em coming! What kind of fish are they catching?

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