The Best Way to Have a Place to Yourself | Kas, Turkey

Insomnia can have some advantages. Looking out the window of our sweltering room I began to see the sky turn from black to a deep shade of blue. This sign means it would be a somewhat sane time to get out of bed. I decided to grab the camera and walk around our favorite town in Turkey. Other than an occasional stumbling tourist making their way from the bars to their hotel or nearest bench and a few fisherman here and there, I had the whole town to myself. In just about an hour I walked all through town and along the pier. This is such a great little town, we really can’t get enough of Kas. We’ve walked along the pier before, but for whatever reason, I’ve never noticed these cool murals on the seawall before.  The art seems to be an interesting mix of Turkish, Egyptian and Greek.  I thought I’d share a few of the photos I took while the rest of the town was asleep.Kas, Turkey at sunriseKas, Turkey at sunriseKas, Turkey at sunriseKas, Turkey at sunrise

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6 Responses to The Best Way to Have a Place to Yourself | Kas, Turkey

  1. Marcia Lepley says:

    Extravagantly beautiful! I thank your insomnia for leading you out into this beautiful light.

  2. Anne Wallace says:

    Thanks for sharing the secret of Kas. I am adding it to my travel list. Headed to Myanmar and Vietnam in a few months. I will be sure to take advantage of sleepless nights after seeing your inspiring photos. I enjoyed the eclectic mix of influences in your graffiti shots.


  3. ahhh this is so beautiful!!!

  4. Wow! That’s incredible how you got this all to yourself. Nothing ruins a place more than it being overrun by tourists.