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A 24 hour journey brought Meggan and I from the hottest time of year in India to a rainy fall day in Australia.  If the contrast in weather wasn't enough, we also experienced some culture shock.  We
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We're back in one of our favorite places, Rajasthan.  We were last here in October and found Jodhpur and the surrounding villages to be fascinating and also amazing to photograph.  Find our earlier
Beau and I have been to a lot of locations that are hot and humid but I think Kolkata is in the top 3.  Of course it does depend on when you visit a location, but this could compare to our Egypt trip
The afternoon before we left Kathmandu, Meggan and I walked around a bit to capture what it's like during a general strike.  The Maoists have basically forced the country to shut down to protest the
I'm writing this post from Delhi, India, which is a sweltering 105 F. It's funny to think I was in cold Himalaya air just a couple days ago. I went on an Utralight flight tour of the Annapurna mount
We just returned to Kathmandu from a peaceful weekend in Pokhara. Pokahara is Nepal's second largest city which appears to be a distant second, as it is quite a bit smaller than the capital city.