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We'd like to wish you all a happy Earth Day.  What a beautiful and fragile planet we live on. (Image: Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica)
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Now that we are approaching record prices at the pump and it's starting to feel like spring, I thought I'd honor the world of pedal power.  Although there are people in the USA that depend on their b
The Story: Today in our travel through food segment, we're going to Hong Kong.  Meggan and I spent about 10 days in this buzzing city of over 7 million.  Hong Kong offers about every type of cuis
I love looking back at my travel sketches and wonder why I didn't spend more time working on them.  Making time to sketch on the road was hard for me and especially when Beau and I were so addicted t
My screen saver on my computer in the office is rotating images from our photo hard drives.  Right now there are just about 60,000 photos stored on these drives.  I often find myself just staring at
The other day in the car, I was listening to an interview on NPR.  The interview was with Gavin Pretor-Pinney, the man who wrote a book called The Cloud Collector's Handbook. This book is essentially
The Story: As soon as we crossed the Chilean border into Argentina, we had no idea we were about to embark on a culinary marathon.  We consumed more beef in a one month span than we did the previous