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We've been traveling pretty hard and fast paced so far.  We are in need of a little travel pit stop to sort out a few logistical things.  What we mean by pit-stop is not seeing much a
I am sure being the husband of a designer is not easy, but Beau has to give me credit for leaving Marrakech with the same size bag as when we entered.  This was an incredible accomplishment beca
Drawn in by the nasally sounding flute, I found myself staring right into a black cobra's beady little eyes.  The great beast of a serpent struck and missed me by a hair.  Just kiddin
  After a few days of hot sun and sand, the lush deep valley in the desert seemed like a mirage to Beau and me.  It is an unreal sight to see the bright green foliage of palms and crops in
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What's a trip to the Sahara without a camel ride?  Well, we didn't want to find out.  We took a stroll through the Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara led by our Berber guides. We'
It seems that waking up in the darkness to go somewhere special to watch the sunrise is a common occurrence for us while traveling.  This sunrise excursion has been the best yet.  We'
Inside the walls of the Medina of Fes al Bali is the world's oldest tannery. The Leather Souq tannery dates back at least 9 centuries and has not changed.  The facility is a series of man-
Dodging donkeys, carts, wheel barrows, scooters, thousands of people (one of which was carefully cradling a goat brain in his palms), through a labyrinth of narrow alleyways was an intense experience
Many times Beau and I looked at each other and asked "are we in Tuscany?" during our visit to the Roman ruins in Volubilis, Morocco.  I will admit that I didn't really know all the
Rabat is Morocco's capital.  It was once a very important port city, but due to silting problems it now serves mostly as a political capital rather than the financial capital of Morocco.&#
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