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It's good to go where everyone knows you're name.  No, we're not at Cheers, we're back in Jodhpur, India.  We always stay at the same place, the Devi Bhawan.  We've spent probably about 30 days h
The rain here in Kolkata has been pretty relentless.  I usually try to wake up around sunrise to get in a few hours of photography before working, but the rain just keeps coming.  I did manage to ge
During our first meeting in Kolkata, our fair trade supplier told us that the monsoon would arrive any day.  We know that the monsoon is the rainy season, but I didn't realize that it actually "arriv
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Our guides thought we were out of our minds to want to set up a shot in Jodhpur, they wished us luck and said unfortunately they'd be "busy".  After the rural photo shoot under our belts, we knew we
One of our main objectives of our new business is to celebrate the places where our products are made and the artisans who made them.  We are having some furniture produced in Jodhpur, India and this
The famous Holi Festival of colors is being celebrated this week in India.  I wonder if these guys at least cracked a smile for a happy, colored powder throwing good time? These photos were taken
I asked this man sitting in front of a little temple tucked in a narrow alleyway if I could take his picture. He responded by saying nothing is as it appears in India. He laughed when I gave him
Happy Holidays to our friends and family around the world.  We wish everyone PEACE and JOY in 2011!
I asked this man sitting in front of a little temple tucked in a narrow alleyway  if I could take his picture.  He responded by saying nothing is as it appears in India.  He laughed
Top photo:  The older girl wanted her picture taken, so I had her stand under the hand print on the wall.  Some of her friends were on the balcony above me, I think they embarrassed her... she w
All these photos are taken just before sunset.  The market around the clock tower has the frensy that reminds me of a mini Marakech bazaar.  There is also great view of the city if you just work y
Along with doors and bikes, we can never pass up a good cow photo.  This cow was trying to push her way into this door, notice the door flexing inward.  I guess it's like a dog scratching at the d
Jodhpur is known as the blue city, but I managed find some examples of green among all the blue. When I see a bikes, I usually take a picture of them.  I'm not sure why, I just do, I like bikes.  I
  While I was taking a photo of this turquoise and red wall in Jodhpur, these two boys came out of nowhere.  Although the wall is nice, having these two kids with outfits that happened to look
We're on the road again and it feels great!  Traveling is definitely in our blood, it's amazing how at home we feel when not at home.  I'm writing this post from Rajasthan, India.  This is the firs
Meggan and I will be leaving for India tomorrow.  We've been crazy busy putting together our new business and we have some really exciting stuff to share with you all soon.  This trip we will be g
We're back in one of our favorite places, Rajasthan.  We were last here in October and found Jodhpur and the surrounding villages to be fascinating and also amazing to photograph.  Find our earlier
Beau and I have been to a lot of locations that are hot and humid but I think Kolkata is in the top 3.  Of course it does depend on when you visit a location, but this could compare to our Egypt trip
Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan.  It has two nick names; Sun CIty and the Blue City.  As the first name describes, Jodhpur is located in the arid portion of northern India
For this post we'll show you the same villages (previous post) we visited with more photos and in color this time.  Below is a farming family and a few photos of the cute kids from the shep
Happy New Year to you all!  As 2009 comes to a close, please consider donating to UNICEF or give a loan that changes lives at KIVA.  We spent almost two weeks working on a few things in Jo
Hello!  We
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Meggan and I ended our stay in Jaipur with a visit to the Amber (also known as Amer) Fort.  This is a spectacularly ornate structure perched on a ridge overlooking the pink city of Jaipur.
Jaipur is a must on any itinerary to Rajasthan.  Like pretty much everywhere we've been in India, this city is bursting with colors to photograph.  Jaipur is called the "pink
After an overnight train ride from Varanasi, Beau and I arrived in Agra four hours late but still eager to see the Taj Mahal.  We had an hour to freshen up for our date with the Taj Mahal. 
As stated in part 1, Meggan and I simply could not put our cameras down in Varanasi.  It is a very special place.  Again, this is a place you must come and experience, but here's our
"Benares (Varanasi) is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together." -Mark Twain A night train away from Delhi is t
Throughout our journey, we have met hundreds of travelers, of those who've been to India, each has a different take.  We have heard everything from, "Magical." to "I.N.D.I.A