Living in a Striped Sauna: Kolkata, India

Beau and I have been to a lot of locations that are hot and humid but I think Kolkata is in the top 3.  Of course it does depend on when you visit a location, but this could compare to our Egypt trip in August.  The temperatures in Luxor were unreal but what gets you in Kolkata is the humidity.  The best way to describe it is spending an entire day walking around in a sauna.  Most people try to avoid India during the summer months but Beau and I were excited for the new adventure!  We figured out if we just kept moving a little breeze would churn up and bring some relief.  The next plan of attack was to stop often in cafes to hydrate and soak up their a/c.  On the positive side, our clothes were wrinkle free, my skin was felt great, and the hot weather slowed Beau down enough that he succumbed to afternoon naps! Out of the three major cities (Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata), Kolkata is known as the culture capital.  I have decided it is the striped capital.  Maybe it was the heat but all I kept seeing was stripes everywhere on the sideways, streets, trees, buses, taxis, and even on the goats!  How awesome is it that you can find men grazing their herd of pink and yellow striped goats in the city park?  I even shared my love for the striped goats with the wonderful fair trade suppliers we are working with in Kolkata.  I hope they don’t think I am nuts but it is hard to hide my excitement.  Kolkata is a fascinating place and we look forward to learning more about it on our next trip here.
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5 Responses to Living in a Striped Sauna: Kolkata, India

  1. Claire Schubert says:

    I love the picture of the guy with the Superman t-shirt on the bus – GREAT!

  2. another favorite post ! I love how you describe -and seem to secretly enjoy- the heat and humidity 🙂 love your reference about the lines and the striped goats, you guys have a great eye !

  3. As ever the photography is amazing, I also love superman but I think the guy with the chickens on the bike is my favourite.

  4. Really like the philosophy of many trying to avoid Kokata due to the heat, and that’s why you are so excited to check it out. I fully agree and also love the pictures and the chicken transporter.

  5. Joel says:

    Hi Beau and Meggan,
    I hadn’t checked out your site for a while, but I like this entry for the branded sheep. It brings me back to the days when I used to be the brander on my Dad’s ranch. We had a “branding iron” in the shape of an E. I would dip it in special sheep-branding paint and stamp them on the center of their backs…on second thought, these sheep might actually be marked with sheep chalk (which we also used).
    PS Mostly, I was just making a comment to say welcome home!