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We're on the road again and it feels great!  Traveling is definitely in our blood, it's amazing how at home we feel when not at home.  I'm writing this post from Rajasthan, India.  This is the firs
Meggan and I will be leaving for India tomorrow.  We've been crazy busy putting together our new business and we have some really exciting stuff to share with you all soon.  This trip we will be g
While getting ready for all our wedding guest to arrive in San Miguel de Allende, I some how found time to sketch this awesome bar.  Beau and I always talked about going in there to have a beer but f
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I'm writing this post from Delhi, India, which is a sweltering 105 F. It's funny to think I was in cold Himalaya air just a couple days ago. I went on an Utralight flight tour of the Annapurna mount
We just returned to Kathmandu from a peaceful weekend in Pokhara. Pokahara is Nepal's second largest city which appears to be a distant second, as it is quite a bit smaller than the capital city. 
Welcome to The World Effect in REAL time, posting from Kathmandu!  We have officially caught up with ourselves, so starting today we'll actually be where our posts say we are.  We're also officially
Meggan's claw marks in my arm were worth our trip to Palawan.  As you've seen from our previous posts, we're pretty fond of this little place.  Many of you have been asking how we got here.  This i
Snug between sheer limestone cliffs and a white beach is the village of El Nido, a perfect launching point to explore the beautiful Bacuit Archipelago.  Not only is the location an ideal home-base fo
I know we've probably said this a few times in our travel blog, but I'll say it again, we have found one of the most beautiful places on earth. Visiting the Bacuit Archipelago in northern Palawan of t
Three days of isolation on a beach is fantastic, but there's a limit to our attention span. We decided to move on to another island, increasing the "things going on scale" a bit. We chose an island ne
The Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City has a long history.  A history that Beau and I don't really want to get into because it is an emotional topic for many people.  So if you a
After sing the duet "Islands in the Stream" by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers to Beau a thousand times in our floating hut, I don't think he could decide what was worse; my singing or bei
Yes, Beau and I are on a a budget but every once and a while you are in an area that the hotels are going to be expensive, so why not pick a hotel with a great style.  While searching for hotels
Beau and I didn't have much time in Shanghai but we managed to squeeze in a little time to find some eye candy.  Driving into Shanghai from the airport to our hotel, my head and eyes were ju
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I am not sure if I could be a nomad and live my whole life in a ger but I would have enjoyed staying longer.  Beau and I stayed in a ger hotel for two days in the Terelj National Park.  Te