Great To Be Back In India!

We’re on the road again and it feels great!  Traveling is definitely in our blood, it’s amazing how at home we feel when not at home.  I’m writing this post from Rajasthan, India.  This is the first time we’ve been here when it hasn’t been absolutely sweltering hot.  In my opinion the weather couldn’t be better, high 70s (F) to low 80s during the day and in the 50s at night.  Although, this is perfect for me, our friends here think it’s miserably cold, as they are truly comfortable at a 100+.  Meggan says she’d like it a bit warmer as well.

After about 48 hours of travel, it’s taking us a bit to get on the right time clock, but we’re just about there.  Our first day here in Jodhpur, even with the crazy jet lag I was really anxious to take our rangefinder camera for a spin.  I spent a few hours in the morning and and another hour or so in late afternoon exploring the old part of town.  I absolutely love this town.  I could literally walk around all day everyday here taking pictures.  From the few hours taking photos, I have a ton of pictures to share.  I thought it would be best to spread them out over several posts.  In the mean time, Meggan and I will be busy working with our artisans here and scouting photo shoot locations.  We are going to have tons more interesting and fun stuff to share soon, so stay tuned!

4 Responses to Great To Be Back In India!

  1. Sujata Shah says:

    Hi! I just found out about your blog through a quilting blogger friend. You both are definitely meant to travel. I went through the pictures and must say that it felt as if I was back in my home country. Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey and I can not wait to read more about your adventures and art!

  2. Jason Blyth says:

    Hey Guys, glad to see you are on the road again! We just finshed the Annapurna Circut and are relaxing in Pokara before we head down to India. Would be great to meet up for drinks if you have time and we are in the same area.
    Chat soon,
    Jason and Becky

  3. JoAnna says:

    Safe travels! Looking forward to following you on the road again!

  4. Jaipur Hotel says:

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