Jodhpur in Black and White

Top photo:  The older girl wanted her picture taken, so I had her stand under the hand print on the wall.  Some of her friends were on the balcony above me, I think they embarrassed her… she was originally smiling.

Middle photo:  This is a merchant and his elephant.  It was quite a sight watching him negotiate the cows, autorickshaws, trucks, carts and other people before he entered the clock tower square.  It’d be like driving a mac truck through Fez.

Last photo:  One of the enterences to the market at the clock tower.

4 Responses to Jodhpur in Black and White

  1. Kristina says:

    I love the black and white pictures, they are all beautiful.
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  2. Amer says:

    wow..amazing photos of India! I really like the first photo with the 2 girls. It says a lot about the country and the people. Very friendly but a the same time quite shy. Would definitely love to visit India one day!

  3. Excellent photography.You share such a great pictures of jodhpur.It shows the beauty of that city.I am so surprise too see this photographs.

  4. how lovely!! the character represented in each is palpable…

    i want to make this the next place on our traveling journey!