Badasses From Rajasthan

Smoking Man | Rajasthan, IndiaRajasthani ManThe famous Holi Festival of colors is being celebrated this week in India.  I wonder if these guys at least cracked a smile for a happy, colored powder throwing good time?

These photos were taken during our photo shoot for one of our furniture lines made in Rajasthan (we will be revealing the product shots closer to our launch date.)  What’s funny is we were in the middle of nowhere accessible via a bumpy jeep ride.  These characters kept showing up to investigate why on earth we were lugging furniture into the middle of the desert.  I can’t blame them.  If I were casting a movie, I think all these guys would be in it.  Stoic with a touch of don’s mess with me.  As bad ass as they look, they were really nice guys.   We were really happy that they graciously allowed us take their photos.  More from our photo shoot next post.

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  1. Blise says:

    Love the new design of the website. The photos are beautiful! Congrats!