First day back in Jodhpur, India Continued


While I was taking a photo of this turquoise and red wall in Jodhpur, these two boys came out of nowhere.  Although the wall is nice, having these two kids with outfits that happened to look great against the backdrop makes the photo.  A touch of photography kismet, I guess.  My new models were definitely hams for the camera.  I remember our parents getting frustrated with my brother and I making funny faces and just generally screwing around during family portraits.  It turns out that this is a childhood phenomenon all over the planet.  The objects they are holding are handmade “claws” they would put on their fingertips to stage epic battles.  We played around for a bit chasing each other.  Although they didn’t speak English, I gathered the boys decided I was the villain.  They would yell, “Dracula!” and then hide… must have been my pasty complexion.  The photo of the one boy was taken by his buddy.  This is one of my favorite things to do, here is a post in Malawi with some kids taking the photos.  Since I had an all manual camera, I focused, changed the aperture and gave it to him the camera to take whatever picture he wanted and this is what he came up with.  I’m impressed. Walking around here with a camera is like a kid magnet.  They love to see their image on the back of the camera.  All the kids want their photo taken, but be sure to ask their parents if they are around.  Most of the parents are fine with it, but there were a few that said no, which made me glad I asked.  The girl in the in the middle of this photo was really funny.  She chased me down and dragged me by the arm up a few houses ran up the stairs and came back with her mother, little brother and sister.  Mom didn’t want her photo taken, but was really enjoying watching and looking at the photos.  The photo above probably isn’t the best one I took of them, but I like what the woman walking by in the background does for the photo for whatever reason.  Meggan and I brought a little mini Polaroid printer, I plan on printing out some of the images and delivering them while I’m here.  The photo of the sign was taken around the corner from their house, I thought it went nicely with this portrait.  I have no idea what is says, probably “don’t take photos of kids.”

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