Rural Rajasthan in full Color.

For this post we'll show you the same villages (previous post) we visited with more photos and in color this time. 

Below is a farming family and a few photos of the cute kids from the shepherd family.  The head of one family showed us around his homestead.  At the farm they raise buffalo and cattle for dairy and grow lentils, poppies, grain and corn.  In rural families like this one, it is a tradition to consume opium either by drinking it in tea or smoking it.  We graciously declined to share some while and had normal tea while the man demonstrated extracting opium from a poppy into tea for himself.  Thanks again to these families for inviting us into their homes.   Rajastanian Man with opium tea still.
Rajasthanian Farmer
Twine used at the farm
Baby cow in Rajasthan, India
Water Buffalo. Rajasthan, India
Lentils. Rajasthan, India
Woman drying Lentils
Woman and Boy drying lentils. Rajasthan, India
Turban demonstration. Rajasthan, India
Handmade mats and blankets.
Little girl. Rajasthan, India
Little boy. Rajasthan, India
If we lived in Rajasthan....


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    Hope you guys had a chance to celebrate where you are a little bit. Miss and heart you both!