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Beau and I didn't have much time in Shanghai but we managed to squeeze in a little time to find some eye candy.  Driving into Shanghai from the airport to our hotel, my head and eyes were jumping from side to side trying to keep up with all the cute fashion boutique shops that we were passing.  Then the next day I started asking around for a furniture or design areas.  We were told to visit Dongtai Lu Antique Street Market and Taikang Road.  Dongtai Lu Antique Street Market is packed with stalls selling antiques, replicas and Mao memorabilia.  You could spend all day here if you are a serious treasure hunter.  If you are in hunt for some memorabilia, you will have no problem here.  Mao watches, plates, and ceramic dolls seems to be a hot item. Shanghai, China - Dongtai Lu Antique Street Market Shanghai, China - Mao Ceramic Dolls Shanghai, China - Mao Watches
During our search, I fell in love with the antique calligraphy brushes but I restrained myself.  Beau fell for a Chinese helmet that can only be for fun because it is made from crap plastic.  Since Beau never wants to buy anything I talked him into getting the helmet.  What were we thinking?  Carrying the helmet all over Shanghai and shipping it home was hard work.  I hope he still likes it when we get home.  Shanghai, China - Calligraphy Brushes Shanghai, China - Chinese Helmets
Shanghai, China - B in a Chinese Helmet
After going through the market maze, we headed over to Taikang Road.  Along the Taikang Road we came across two chic home decor shops called Casa Pagoda and Platane.  Casa Pagoda has great selection of eclectic furniture, home accessories and lighting with a sophisticated hip worldly feel.  Platane has a stylish collection of lifestyle items, home accessories, and upholstery textiles from China and France. Shanghai, China - Casa Pagoda
Shanghai, China - Platane   Then we walked a little further up the street and ventured into the back alleys of Taikang.  We were delighted to find tons of art shops, fashion boutiques, restaurants and lifestyle stores.  The prices for food are a little higher here.  If you are on a budget just get a coffee or smoothie but take the time to enjoy the area.  The very lively scene is full of fun things to see like laundry hanging out to dry, bird cages strung on lines to enjoy the day, tourist searching for good buys and locals sitting on stools gossiping.  Shanghai, China - Taikang Shopping area Shanghai, China - Chinese Lanterns
Shanghai, China - Chinese Laundry hanging out
Shanghai shopping was a delightful surprise and I would love to return.  If you are planning a trip to Shanghai check out these helpful city guides on Design*Sponge and our friend Jamie's blog.  Have fun!       

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