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On this trip, Beau and I have made work our priority.  After each meeting, I usually need to work on revisions or producing additional designs for our next meeting with the supplier.  So I have been
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We promised we would keep you up to date on the things we are working on.  For this post we wanted to share a little bit about one of the organizations we have been working with in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The afternoon before we left Kathmandu, Meggan and I walked around a bit to capture what it's like during a general strike.  The Maoists have basically forced the country to shut down to protest the
I'm writing this post from Delhi, India, which is a sweltering 105 F. It's funny to think I was in cold Himalaya air just a couple days ago. I went on an Utralight flight tour of the Annapurna mount
We just returned to Kathmandu from a peaceful weekend in Pokhara. Pokahara is Nepal's second largest city which appears to be a distant second, as it is quite a bit smaller than the capital city. 
Welcome to The World Effect in REAL time, posting from Kathmandu!  We have officially caught up with ourselves, so starting today we'll actually be where our posts say we are.  We're also officially
We had to narrow down our photos of Kathmandu quite a bit.  I can't count how many shots we took of just the prayer flags.  As aspiring photographers, we just love all the bright co
Mt. Everest has a long history of being pursued by the adventurous.  There's no question of why people want a glimpse of the world's highest point.  Unlike man-made structures that