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Yes, Beau and I are on a a budget but every once and a while you are in an area that the hotels are going to be expensive, so why not pick a hotel with a great style.  While searching for hotels in Hong Kong, I ran across the Mira, in the Kowloon neighborhood of Hong Kong.  The Mira has just undergone a huge renovations so we lucked out and found a great deal online for the opening weekend.Hong Kong - Mira    I have to give kudos to the designers of this hotel.  Colin Cowie, celebrity event designer, and Charles Allem, of CAD International did an excellent job rethinking the layout and function of the guestrooms.  As a hotel designer, I was envious that they got to specify the Arne Jacobsen "Egg" Chair for the guestroom.  The room was also filled with technology gadgets such at wireless keyboard connected to the LCD screen offering internet service, ipod docks, DVD players and a built-in desk with charging docks. Heaven to us!  The designers also did a great job of creating the appearance of more space through making the bathroom entirely glass and giving great organizational storage throughout the room. Hong Kong - Mira Corridor
Hong Kong - Mira Guestroom
Hong Kong - Mira Desk
Hong Kong - Mira Vanity Open
Hong Kong - Mira Vanity Closed     The lobby had a very sleek and glam design that also played with mass through the use of different materials and textures.  The designers continued to play with reflective finishes on transparent and opaque materials in the restaurant. I also have to note that the Chef does a great job creating food that compliments its surroundings and tastes wonderful too!  Hong Kong - Mira Lobby Hong Kong - Mira Restaurant
Hong Kong - Mira Restaurant Light Fixtures
If you want a little glam in your holiday and a staff that makes you feel like royalty, then definitely stay at the Mira.

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2 Responses to Travel Design : Hong Kong, China

  1. Pops says:

    and don’t forget the beautiful eames aluminum group desk chair,,,ha. pops

  2. So true dad! How could I forget to mention that beautiful chair? The eames aluminum group desk chair is on my wish list for my office…one day! A girl can dream. I did get to use the high back version on my Westin Detroit Hotel project.
    Thank you for checking in and keeping a girl in line. See you soon!