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Copan, Honduras is a cute little cowboy town surrounding the Copan Mayan ruins.  Beau and I loved this little town and found it really relaxing.  Between all our exploring with friends we took an af
Beau and I have been lucky in life and our travels. I am very grateful. I have also been blessed with crazy artsy parents who had equally crazy creative friends.  My life has always been a little dif
For our last stop on our around the journey, Beau and I decided to visit two people that became close friends during our first week of the big trip.  We felt Sydney was a wonderful way to complete th
We just returned to Kathmandu from a peaceful weekend in Pokhara. Pokahara is Nepal's second largest city which appears to be a distant second, as it is quite a bit smaller than the capital city. 
Is Singapore super clean?  Yes.  Is Singapore expensive?  Yes.  Is Singapore densely populated by businesses, hotels, apartments, restaurants, and shopping malls filled with people?  Yes.  But a
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Does the rainbow with the pot of gold end in Bangkok?  That question should seriously be asked after you visit a few of the beautiful temples in Bangkok.  Beau and I were amazed by the ext