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After sing the duet "Islands in the Stream" by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers to Beau a thousand times in our floating hut, I don't think he could decide what was worse; my singing or being violently ill from the fish laap.  I am going with the illness because we are still married.  Besides inspiring me to sing, our floating hut at Done Khone Sala inspired my creative thoughts too.  Maybe it was the rocking motion of the water that made me relax and clear my mind but I could focus on brainstorming for work and sketching in my travel journal (that I am severely behind in).  Our floating hut also got me thinking about design and how I could have a floating hut, which coincidentally is not possible since our permanent home is in a very dry part of the US. Don Khone, Laos
Done Khone Sala resort has three floating huts available for occupancy.  They also have a main house in French Colonial style, a few small guesthouse, and a restaurant.  None of the other rooms are as cool as the floating huts, but I might be biased.  Don Khone, Laos
Don Khone, Laos - Don Kkone Sala Restaurant
Don Khone, Laos - floating hut
The design of the Don(e) Khone floating hut is a basic wood frame construction with woven mats covering the walls.  The ceilings are made of woven palm leaves with ventilation slots between the ceiling and walls.  Yes, the mosquito nets in the picture are beautiful but very necessary too.  Hardwood plank flooring creates a richness in the room and completes the island feel.  Each hut is divided into two guestrooms with private bathrooms that include hot water.  A raised wooden platform with Thai pillows and the exterior porch are the highlight of staying here.  You have a front stage view of watching life on the river and a great place to read and sketch.  Don Khone, Laos - floating hut interior
Don Khone, Laos - floating hut interior
Don Khone, Laos - floating hut interior
Done Khone, Laos - B reading    If you are like me and love sleeping on the water in a floating house, check out these cool modern floating homes on Trendir and The Design Blog.  The design options for a floating house are limitless.  

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  1. Nashfan says:

    So cool — let’s go there for our next painting weekend!!

  2. I agree Nashfan! Mom is here and she seconds that opinion. BUT I don’t think G will like the ride there. We would have to hire a car and a boat driver. 😉 We miss you!