An Island Hopper Airplane to the World’s Largest Kiddie Pool

Meggan’s claw marks in my arm were worth our trip to Palawan.  As you’ve seen from our previous posts, we’re pretty fond of this little place.  Many of you have been asking how we got here.  This is where the claw marks come in, we flew into El Nido on a really small airplane, not one of Meggan’s favorite things.  There is only one airline that flies into El Nido, ITI (Island Transvoyager Inc.)  The airplanes are small, they seat about ten.  What I really like about the ITI planes are the wings mounted above the windows giving incredible island views during the flight.  In true island getaway fashion, we landed on a gravel/spotty concrete runway just off the water and were welcomed by locals singing and playing instruments.  The landing nearly put Meggan into a fetal position in the plane, but I have to say, during the flight out she was a champ!  Once on the island, most of the places in town will send someone to pick you up either by boat, motor tricycle or minivan.
We have also been getting questions on which place to stay in El Nido.  We stayed at the Greenview Resort in Corong Corong.  This is the beach on the other side of the big rock outcropping from El Nido.  We absolutely loved staying here.  The staff was unbelievable, the little bungalows were simple but clean and the food was great.
The best part of staying in Corong Corong is having access to what we called the world’s largest kiddie pool.  The water is really shallow here, you can literally walk straight out from shore and walk hundreds of meters before the water is up to your chest.  The water is crystal clear and covers soft white sand.  We would wade out into the flats, sit in the water and take in the beautiful views, so nice!  We’re still dreaming about Palawan, we’ll be back!
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3 Responses to An Island Hopper Airplane to the World’s Largest Kiddie Pool

  1. Abby Wynja says:

    Oh, that looks sooo inviting!

  2. Lilia says:

    where did you guys stay in palawan?

  3. Ysa says:

    I’m wondering if I can use these photos for my presentation in class. I need pictures that would show the community where i grew up in. 🙂