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Beau and I didn't have much time in Shanghai but we managed to squeeze in a little time to find some eye candy.  Driving into Shanghai from the airport to our hotel, my head and eyes were ju
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Although Shanghai is the largest city in China with over 20 million people, sometimes it was easy to forget that we were in a sprawling metropolis.  We did do a little sightseeing in Shanghai
I can compare our Yangtzee river cruise to downtown Las Vegas.  I'm not talking the strip with the pretty hotels and even prettier people.  I'm talking downtown with Casinos like
Food vortex?  Yes, food vortex, I just invented a term. (I Googled it, no matches... it's mine) I was surfing the internet taking full advantage of the rare occurrence of fast internet and &
Looking out the train window as we arrived in Beijing, we prepared for cold and possible rain by how gloomy it looked outside.  Then we walked out of the train into the haze to be hit with extreme he
Our adventure on the Trans Mongolian Express would take us from Moscow to Ulaanbataar to Beijing.  The actual time spent on a moving train would be 6 days, 2 hours and 13 minutes covering 7,622 kil