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The single most common feature of Hanoi is the street side eateries.  I really can't call most of them cafes because the majority of them are made up of three main components:  plastic stackable sto
Sourcing and looking for inspiration can definitely make you work up an appetite.  So when Beau and I need to appease our bellies in Bali I love visiting The Junction.  To our surprise the Junction
The second stop on my southern road trip was Atlanta, Georgia.  Before I meet Beau I lived in Atlanta for 6 years.  I have a ton of fun memories from my days in the ATL.  I have great memories of h
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The Story: Today in our travel through food segment, we're going to Hong Kong.  Meggan and I spent about 10 days in this buzzing city of over 7 million.  Hong Kong offers about every type of cuis
The Story: As soon as we crossed the Chilean border into Argentina, we had no idea we were about to embark on a culinary marathon.  We consumed more beef in a one month span than we did the previous
A small part of me has always wanted to live in a small town and have a house with land.  My mom grew up in a small town in Texas called Luling.  Currently Luling has a population of 5,082 +/- resid
After our first stop in Lockhart at Black's Barbecue, we made our way to Kreuz and Smitty's.  Kreuz Market has been around since 1900 and sticks strong to the Texas fundamentals of BBQ.  In 1990, Kr
With a population of 14,267 +/-, it is surprising to find 4 amazing barbecue restaurants in the little town of Lockhart, Texas.  But if you know anything about Texas, then you know that BBQ is a reli
After completing the classics, I had a list of new food items I wanted to try while in Austin.  With little persuasion, my mom, sister and niece were on board.  So as soon as we woke up, we were off
I am not sure if you are like us, but in my family we plan all of our trips around food.  That is probably why I have not seen the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park yet.  When I told Beau th
I was sitting at my computer having a typical wanderlust attack watching a rotating screen saver of our travel photos.  This photo came up: It seems like a lifetime ago when we took this photo on a
It has been a weird few weeks back in Denver, Colorado.  Beau and I read on several people's around-the-world travel blogs how they felt when they arrived home and their transition.  Many of the tra
For our last stop on our around the journey, Beau and I decided to visit two people that became close friends during our first week of the big trip.  We felt Sydney was a wonderful way to complete th
I don't have to tell you that Beau and I love food; our past food post say everything. It's amazing that we are relatively the same size as when we left with what we eat each day.  So when we heard a
To start, I have to apologize that Beau and I have been slacking on the food post.  Sorry foodie friends.  The good news is we worked really hard in Bangkok documenting our good eats.
Food vortex?  Yes, food vortex, I just invented a term. (I Googled it, no matches... it's mine) I was surfing the internet taking full advantage of the rare occurrence of fast internet and &
Looking out the train window as we arrived in Beijing, we prepared for cold and possible rain by how gloomy it looked outside.  Then we walked out of the train into the haze to be hit with extreme he
I am not sure if I could be a nomad and live my whole life in a ger but I would have enjoyed staying longer.  Beau and I stayed in a ger hotel for two days in the Terelj National Park.  Te
Picking a favorite thing about Istanbul is difficult, but I will anyway.  It's the food.  The diversity of Istanbul is represented in its food.  Foodies will never be far f
We braved and survived the ferry known as The Vomit Commit from Dar es Salaam to Stone Town, Zanzibar.  Arriving into Stone Town was a pleasant mixture of laid back island culture and the frenz
Our overland adventure of Africa will take us through 9 countries and over bumpy roads.  For two months we will be camping in a canvas tent in many different settings.  Our first night of
By far, our favorite part of Barcelona's La Ramblas is the Marcat de St Josep, also called La Boqueria.  This is a beautiful covered market built in the 1830s.  Here you can find all
We went to a few places to eat and drink that we wanted to share with you.  For a great evening of authentic Lisbon we would recommend getting dinner at a place called Snob followed by some drin
Imagine if Lake Tahoe was in the Alps, now put it somewhere in the southern hemisphere and you'd get the town of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.  Bariloche sits on Lake Nahuel Huapi in t
The culinary highlight of our Ecuadorian highland tour was the bizcochos.  Bizcochos are lady finger sized buttery and flaky biscuits.  They are slightly crunchier than a typical American
Take your time, relax, eat.  There are dozens of places to eat within a stone's throw of nearly every street corner of San Miguel de Allende.  Out of all the things to do and see he
As part of the festivities of the weekend, we brought our guests to a great little hole in the wall place called La Botica.  La Botica is a little bar that specializes in small batch organic me
What's food without beer? Or no food without beer?  I sampled every county in Central America's national beer(s).  I have a theory:  if you are drinking beer in a hot place
One question we get from people consistently is,  "What was the food like in Central America?"  We blame ourselves, we planned on doing food posts, but failed.  More food