Marcat de St. Josep / La Boqueria

St. Josep La Boqueria By far, our favorite part of Barcelona's La Ramblas is the Marcat de St Josep, also called La Boqueria.  This is a beautiful covered market built in the 1830s.  Here you can find all kinds of culinary delights; fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, cheese, nuts, baked goods and sweets.Fruit Juice St. Josep La Boqueria Produce at St. Josep La BoqueriaWalking through the market made Meggan and I realize how much we miss cooking.  To come to a market like this to buy the freshest ingredients and prepare an evening's meal with friends would be amazing.Seafood St. Josep La Boqueria Fish Heads St. Josep La Boqueria Of course, living out of packs we have no room to bring a kitchen with us.  We settled for the next best thing, eat in the market.  There are several bar countered restaurants inside the market.  Pull up a stool and eat something made with the fresh ingredients that surround you.  This is a place you need to visit when you're in Barcelona.  Be prepared for many people, but make the best of it.  The people watching is top notch.Meat at St. Josep La BoqueriaRestaurant at St. Josep La Boqueria

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2 Responses to Marcat de St. Josep / La Boqueria

  1. Dan says:

    I didn’t know about the market – I’ll need to remember and check it out next time I’m in Barcelona.

  2. This is a great market. The pictures I took here just popped with colors. The fresh fruits and vegetables, all the meats, spices and seasonings. If you’re a foodie, you really want to go there.