Bizcochos and coffee with a view

The culinary highlight of our Ecuadorian highland tour was the bizcochos.  Bizcochos are lady finger sized buttery and flaky biscuits.  They are slightly crunchier than a typical American southern biscuit (not a sweet baked snack for our friends down under).  These are delicious by themselves or accompanied with a locally made cheese similar to fresh mozzarella.  Enjoying this snack with a nice cup of Ecuadorian coffee while watching the clouds flood over the volcanoes was perfection.  The town of Cayabe is famous for these baked goods, there are dozens of bakeries that make Bizcochos.  We went to a place called Fabrica de Bizcochos San Pedro.Bizcocho Oven A bag of Bizcochos

Other favorite eats were a local dish called Carne Colorada.  This is marinated and crispy fried pork served with avocado, sweet plantain, hominy and potatoes.  The pork can be eaten with a local hot sauce made with tree tomatos and peppers.  The potatos and hominy come with a cheese sauce.Carne Colorada Tree Tomatos at the market

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  1. carrie Brock says:

    how much fun, meggan! best wishes on your travels. beautiful blog.

  2. Jora says:

    I was just going through all of your old posts when you left your comment! I am so looking forward to checking in on your adventures. And congratulations on your marriage….what a wonderful way to start your life out together. 🙂