Family roots, the Watermelon Thump, and the best BBQ around: Luling, Texas

A small part of me has always wanted to live in a small town and have a house with land.  My mom grew up in a small town in Texas called Luling.  Currently Luling has a population of 5,082 +/- residents but back when mom was there it was even less.  Even as a child, I loved hearing my mom’s stories of growing up in Luling.  The town has changed a little but definitely on its own terms and pace. Luling, TXLuling, TXLuling, TXLuling is filled with historical buildings and great charm. Most visitors come to Luling to try the BBQ or attend the watermelon thump festival.  The watermelon thump festival is in late June. The town and it’s residents are always decked out with watermelon decor and fashion.  It is also worth your time to drive around the town to see all the oil derricks decorated in whimsical themes.  Luling, TXAfter running around town searching for all the oil derricks it gave us enough time to prepare ourselves for our four BBQ stops.  Luling’s City Market Barbecue means the world to me and is my family’s favorite BBQ spot.  We love it so much that when a person passes away in our family we have the church service first.  Then we drive to City Market eat lunch as a family and talk about the good times.  Once our bellies are full and we have cried and laughed enough, we head over to the cemetery to bury our loved ones.  Weird right?  Well that is what we have always done and no one in the family would want it any other way.  So that should tell you how good this BBQ is… right?   BBQ | Luling, TXBBQ | Luling, TXBBQ | Luling, TXBBQ | Luling, TXBBQ | Luling, TXBBQ | Luling, TXCity Market is the best BBQ in Texas!  So if you are a huge barbecue fan you have to trying the restaurants in Luling as well as in Lockhart.  Then you would have a better comparison… and meat sweats!

2 Responses to Family roots, the Watermelon Thump, and the best BBQ around: Luling, Texas

  1. Blise says:

    We need to plan our trip next year to Texas Monthly BBQ Festival in Austin. Love your post. Mom

  2. Pops says:

    oh my, those pics sure made me hungry, and brought back a few memories of when i was there with your mom.. the best Q in the world. pops