Wine Tasting and Camping in South Africa

Our overland adventure of Africa will take us through 9 countries and over bumpy roads.  For two months we will be camping in a canvas tent in many different settings.  Our first night of camping definitely started us on the right foot.  We made our way north of Cape Town through the rolling hills of South African wine country.  Wine Tasting at HiglandersThe Highlanders winery allows camping.  We set up our tent overlooking the grape vines and then headed straight to the little bar for a wine tasting.  Sparky, the owner took us through the tasting.  He described how each wine is crafted starting with growing the vines to harvesting to processing the wine.  We had 7 varieties of wine… falling asleep that night was not a problem.  Orange RIver campsite Our second night we camped on the Orange River.  On the other side of the river lies our next destination, Namibia.

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2 Responses to Wine Tasting and Camping in South Africa

  1. Carmel says:

    I would say that falling asleep after the wine tasting was a breeze 🙂 Sounds like an awesome trip.
    Cheers Carmel