Buddha Belly in Bangkok, Thailand

To start, I have to apologize that Beau and I have been slacking on the food post.  Sorry foodie friends.  The good news is we worked really hard in Bangkok documenting our good eats.  One of the things that I was most excited to experience in Thailand was the food.  Since we eat Thai food at home on a regular bases we decided it would be a good investment to get some training.  So Beau and I signed up for Thai food cooking class at Baipai cooking school.  With aprons on, recipes and pen in hand, and game faces on we learned to prepare four dishes: Gai Satay (Chicken Satay), Plah Goong (Shrimp and herb salad), Gai Pad Med Ma-Mouang (Chicken and Cashew Nut stir-fry), and Khao Neaw Moon (Mango Sticky Rice). The Chef and assistant were completely adorable and truly made the day a blast.  I have to say that this was the best food we have had in a long time and it did make us miss our stove.  That is the one thing you start to miss traveling…. home cooked meals.   Bangkok, Thailand - Chef and assistant at cooking class
Bangkok, Thailand - Prep work for dishes
Bangkok, Thailand - Thai Chicken Satay
Bangkok, Thailand - Cooking with Lemongrass
Bangkok, Thailand - Shrimp with lemongrass and herbs
Bangkok, Thailand - dried chiles and cashew nuts
Bangkok, Thailand - Chicken and Cashew nuts
Bangkok, Thailand - Mango Sticky Rice
Besides mango sticky rice being my favorite dessert, the banana and chocolate roti has to come in pretty close to the top.  We had something very similar to this in Zanzibar and were more than eager to try it again.  We found our banana chocolate dream at the JJ weekend market but finding a street vendor that makes these is not hard.  This could be why we have gain weight on this part of the trip.    Bangkok, Thailand - Banana and Chocolate Roti
We also really loved these taco looking desserts too.  They are easy to find but we can't seem to be able to figure out their name.  So I will refer to them as my other travelers do, Thai Tacos.  The tacos seems to be made of a crispy rice and coconut pancake with a coconut marshmallow layer and a candied squash or pumpkin… But all of this is a guess.  So if you know what this is and can tell us we would love it.  All I have to say is they are darn good.    Bangkok, Thailand - Coconut pancake dessert
Lastly, I
have to mention the bug snacks.  I not really into eating bugs.  I am not saying I would never eat a bug.  If I was dared I probably would or if I had to for survival I would do it but for a snack?  No thanks.  If you are an adventure eating like my husband you can try all kinds of bugs while in Thailand.  On a previous trip to Thailand Beau went down the path of trying scorpions and crickets.  He passed on this trip.  I guess I need to work on peer pressure skills.  Bangkok, Thailand - Cricket Snack
Bangkok, Thailand - Meal Worm Snack    

4 Responses to Buddha Belly in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Kristina says:

    LOL, when I saw “buddha belly” in the title, I thought maybe you had gotten sick (aka, dehli belly or bali belly). Glad to see that’s not the case.
    I’ve been to Thailand more than half a doz times and I’ve yet to eat a bug though I always say I will! Next time…

  2. Oh we have been no stranger to Dehli Belly. So it is a wonderful change to have a happy Buddha Belly, big and round. If you go for the bugs next trip you are a braver woman than me. Thanks for the awesome tweets too!

  3. Dfitz says:

    Thanks for sharing! My mouth is watering. That satay looks awesome!

  4. Jamie says:

    Oh man, I miss thai food!!! And those “thai tacos” were my favorite. I think the shredded orange stuff is often coconut, and the best part is the salty-sweet-crispy combo!!! So glad you guys got to enjoy the food.