What does a 100,000 seals smell like? Cape Cross, Namibia

Beau and I didn't have a clue what 100,000 seals together would smell like but we had a good guess.  Our guess turned out to be correct.  The seals definitely did not smell fabulous.  No offense to the seals but for some reason I don't think they would care anyhow.  I also do not think that they were affected by their smell.Cape Cross Cape Cross seagull Cape Cross is the home to some 80,000 to 100,000 brown fur seals.  The beach is filled with cows (female seals) and pups. Bulls (male seals) are a rare sight until the mating season starts in October.Cape Cross Brown Fur Seal Cape Cross Brown Fur Seal detail Cape Cross Brown Fur Seal sleepy time Cape Cross Brown Fur Seal Close up Once we had grown accustom to the smell (as much as you can), it is a really cool sight to watch the interaction between the seals.  It is hilarious to see the pups clamoring over the masses of seals to get to their mothers for safety.  In the process the pups stir up the other seals and a wave of roars and grunting erupts.  Jackals pace back and forth watching the pups with watering mouths.  The seals also intercounter other dangers such as great white sharks in the water.Cape Cross Brown Fur Seal teenager Cape Cross Brown Fur Seal cow and pup Cape Cross Brown Fur Seal kissing Cape Cross was the first place the Europeans, Portuguese, landed on Namibian soil in 1486.  The Portuguese left a cross at Cape Cross to signify their claim.  Cape Cross later became a town based on the production of bi-products of the seals and the seals themselves. The location is now a brown fur seal reserve.  So your will be assured to see thousands of seals anytime you visit.  Be prepared for the smell.Cape Cross jackal


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  1. Yes, I remember the place so well that I needed about 2 tonnes of smelling salts to rid the putrid air from my nostrils!
    I wrote a piece on Cape Cross titled ‘Cape Cross, Namibia – Best Place In The World To Visit If You Really Like Seals’ at https:///www.thetraveltart.com/cape-cross/
    My photos are similar – never seen so many seals in my life!

  2. Thanks for sending your link. The toilet shot is hilarious!! No seals guarding them this time, but we still opted to stay far away… maybe the seals couldn’t take the smell. Thanks again, we really enjoy your website.