Cape Point, South Africa

South African Coast We went on a beautiful day trip out of Cape Town to Cape Point.  The drive alone was full of amazing scenery.  We also saw a few sites along the way.  Seal Colony near Cape Town, South Africa We took a small 30 minute boat ride out to a Seal Island in Houtbay.  The Island was full of seals sunning themselves and surrounded by even more playing in the water.  Further down the coast, we stopped at a penguin sanctuary on Boulders Beach.  Penguins on Boulders Beach near Cape Town, South Africa The penguins have these little man-made houses to live in because their natural habitat of softer ground has slowly eroded away.  Along with their accommodation, the penguins are provided with a first rate beach to themselves.   View of Cape Point from the light house The very end of the continent of Africa is the famous Cape of Good Hope.  Normally during the South African Winter, the surf is pounding and the wind is howling.  We were lucky again and had a perfect day of blue skies and a warm sun.Crashing waves on the Cape of Good Hope

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