Solitaire, Namibia

Solitaire, Namibia The middle of no where. Solitaire, Namibia Talk about the middle of nowhere…  Solitaire is said to be the smallest town in Namibia, which consists of a gas station, post office and a little general shop.  A Scottish (I think) man by the name of Moose McGregor is the owner of the shop.  He is known for his world famous apple pie, something I cannot pass up.  The pie did not disappoint, it was delicious especially accompanied with the first REAL non-instant coffee I'd found in over two weeks.  Cafe with Apple Pie in Solitair, Namibia Another reason I was excited to stop in Solitaire was that Ewen McGregor (relation to Moose?  Not sure) and Charlie Boorman went through this town and had pie on their "Long Way Down" motorcycle adventure TV series.  I am a fan of this show and a super fan of their first adventure "Long Way Round."  If you haven't seen these series, you must rent the videos.

IMG_6505Another stop was the Tropic of Capricorn… just because.            

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  1. lisa says:

    looking for a desolate gas station either in the Karoo, South Africa or Namibia, gas station must be stand alone in isolation petrol / gas station