Paris, France: Magical views

It started several months ago as a hint and then I only became more persistent the closer we got.  I would say "Come on Beau we can't get this close to the Paris and not go" and "Beau, we just got married.  Would it be romantic to go to Paris?".  All the hard work paid off… Beau took me to Paris!Paris, France Paris, France We took the Chunnel for our quick two day trip.  The anticipation was at full strength and I was not let down.  Getting out of the metro stop Palais Royal Musee du Louvre to get to our hotel was an amazing entry to Paris.  As soon as we were at ground level we could see the famous sight of the Louve's glass pyrimd.  Wow, we are in Paris!  Beau and I decide to take a walk at sunset.  On our walk, we experienced the incredible view of Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe down the Champs-Elysees from the Tuileries Gardens that leads up to the Louve.  All I can say is it is magical.Paris, France: Tuileries GardensThe Eiffel Tower seems to almost be a requirement when you visit Paris.  Poor Beau had already waited in the long lines to visit the Eiffel once before but it was wonderful to get to do it together.  It seems we were also in Paris at a popular time.  President Obama and his family visited the Eiffel Tower the next day!Paris, France: Eiffel Tower gears Paris, France: View from Eiffel Tower Paris, France: Eiffel Tower  

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5 Responses to Paris, France: Magical views

  1. Miranda M. says:

    Congrats on making it to Paris! I lived there for about 6 months, almost ten years ago!, and it is a city that will stay with me forever. There is really nowhere else like it.

  2. Tree says:

    That Beau is soooooooo romantic.

  3. Love the pictures. It’s almost as good as being there. That’s Amoure

  4. Katie says:

    Man I love Paris. I’m so glad you went. I would love to go back – have fun!

  5. Sammy says:

    😉 Beau is a hopeless romantic thank God he found you I was sick of watching those horrible cheeseball movies with him.
    Your pictures are in fact amazing!!
    “look kids big ben Parliament.”