Singing angels in Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Spitzkoppe, NamibiaSleeping under the stars and hearing singing angels in the morning sounds like a fairy tale, right? No, it is Spitzkoppe.  Spitzkoppe is in the center of a desert with enormous boulders.  Surprisingly the best place to sleep outside in Spitzkoppe is on a boulder.  The boulders are solid granite and hold the heat from the day's sun.  Beau and I did wake up a little stiff but it was worth it.  Falling asleep to sparkling stars and rising to a brilliant sun was amazing.  Spitzkoppe, Namibia Sierra Design Sleeping Bags Spitzkoppe, Namibia granite boulder Then we had the opportunity to visit Spitzkoppe's primary school first thing in the morning.  The beautiful children blessed us with a few songs from their villages.  We were all blown away by the angel voices of the students.  The children and the teachers were very welcoming and gave an overview of their education at the school.  Then we had some free time to talk with the kids.  Digital cameras have definitely made a huge debut in Africa.  All the children were very excited to have their pictures taken and to see themselves on the screen.  Each kid would squeal and point at the picture.  Then they all would erupt in laughter.  It was such a joy to be around them.Spitzkoppe, Namibia knitting class Spitzkoppe, Namibia student Spitzkoppe, Namibia young men in class        

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    Meg great narration on these pics I could hear you speaking and giggling. Miss you guys terribly! Can’t wait for the next adventure.