London, England: Fun stuff to do on a rainy day

As most of you know, London is famous for its gray and rainy days with quick patches of sunshine.  Beau and I lucked out and only had a few on our trip but we did take full advantage of those days for indoor activities.  Our favorite indoor activities were the Tate and Design Museum.  I love traditional museums with works of art by masters but  my passion is for contemporary art.  So it was exciting to spend the day in two beautiful contemporary mixed media art museums.London, England: Millennium Bridge The Tate Museum is located just steps away from the millennium walking bridge.  They have many permanent works of art on display but they also have several temporary exhibits as well.  The Andy Warhol room was definitely on our top of favorites but we also really liked the gaint table and chairs.  There is also a piece called Thirty Silver Pieces that was hypnotizing.  I wish we could show you pictures of our favorite rooms and pieces but photos are not allowed.  I guess this means you will just have to visit!London, England: Tate Museum London, England: Tate Museum Ground Floor London, England: Tate Museum pink hair A little further east and near the famous Tower bridge, you can find the Design Museum.  The Design Museum is right on the river front and next to several nice restaurants.  The museum has two floors of revolving exhibits.  The current exhibit on the 2nd floor was celebrating inventive industrial design products, furniture designs, and fashion.  Most products were either sustainable and/or fair trade.  On the 1st floor, a new exhibit is a Timeline highlighting 50 yrs of history, design, and culture.  Maybe this exhibit will make you understands of design as well as your parents.  I could have spent hours there reading all the information.  It is very overwhelming and entertaining.  Perfect for a rainy day!London, England: Design Museum London, England: Design Museum 2nd floor London, England: Design Museum Fairtrade radios London, England: Design Museum 1st floor    

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