Fish River Canyon, Namibia

The Middle of Nowhere, Namibia For being so far away from home, driving through the vast barren landscape of Namibia brought me right back to home.  I had some flashbacks to many hours of windshield time of a salesman driving in places like Southwestern Colorado and Southern Utah.Namibia landscape   The similarities were amazing; the endless open space, the red clay dirt, rugged rocks and the foliage of a unrelenting arid climate.  After a solid day of driving, our final destination  was the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world behind the Grand Canyon.Fish River Canyon Fish River Canyon The two canyons as far as climate and scenery are pretty close to the same.  The most noticeable difference was the lack of visitors.  Fish River Canyon is so remote that very few venture out to see it.  Our group in our overland truck had the place to ourselves.  We walked along the rim in the late afternoon into evening to watch the sunset.  The rim of Fish River Canyon, Namibia No guard rails, no gimmicky visitor centers, no souvenir shops,  just a beautiful sight in its own glory.  We're quickly finding out there are fewer and fewer of these places left in the world, come check it out while it lasts!Tree on the edge of Fish River Canyon. Namibia  

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2 Responses to Fish River Canyon, Namibia

  1. Dave and Deb says:

    We were in Fish River Canyon last year. We cycled from Cairo to Cape Town and by the time we made it to Namibia, we could really enjoy ourselves. Were finally fit and having fun. The landscape here is so beautiful and it was a pleasure to bring a bottle of wine to watch the sunset over the canyon. Great shots!

  2. How nice the feeling would be if I were to experience some unwinding at this cool places. No guard rails, no gimmicky visitor centers, no souvenir shops, just a beautiful sight in its own glory. The photos just refreshed me up and lifted my spirit.