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I am sad to say my stop in Nashville was incredible short but I did managed to see and do some of my favorite things.  I have a long history with the music city.  I lived in Nashville from middle sc
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The second stop on my southern road trip was Atlanta, Georgia.  Before I meet Beau I lived in Atlanta for 6 years.  I have a ton of fun memories from my days in the ATL.  I have great memories of h
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Time has flown by so fast since we have come home to the states.  I have been promising for almost 9 months now that I would visit my friends in the South.  Then a wonderful excuse presented its
We often find ourselves flipping through our Lonely Planet guides, our stacks of coffee table books, and surfing through our favorite travel blogs to find out where in the world we would like to go ne
After eating extreme amounts of food on this road trip with my mom, sister, and niece, I decided I need a break from food.  It was time for some eye candy.  Insert here:  Hotel Havana on the San An
On the third day of our road trip, My mom, sister, niece, and I visited Gruene. I was amazed by what I saw from the car as we drove into town.  Gruene is a picturesque little town that could still be
A small part of me has always wanted to live in a small town and have a house with land.  My mom grew up in a small town in Texas called Luling.  Currently Luling has a population of 5,082 +/- resid
After our first stop in Lockhart at Black's Barbecue, we made our way to Kreuz and Smitty's.  Kreuz Market has been around since 1900 and sticks strong to the Texas fundamentals of BBQ.  In 1990, Kr
With a population of 14,267 +/-, it is surprising to find 4 amazing barbecue restaurants in the little town of Lockhart, Texas.  But if you know anything about Texas, then you know that BBQ is a reli
After completing the classics, I had a list of new food items I wanted to try while in Austin.  With little persuasion, my mom, sister and niece were on board.  So as soon as we woke up, we were off
I am not sure if you are like us, but in my family we plan all of our trips around food.  That is probably why I have not seen the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park yet.  When I told Beau th
Another one of our loves is going to see live music in Colorado. We are proud to say that our state is filled with great concert sites.  With venues from big to small like Red Rocks, Fillmore, Hi-Div
We have decided to keep up with the positive thoughts about coming home and continue our search for the reasons why we love Colorado.  Coming home after 460 days on the road gave us a chance to have
It has been a weird few weeks back in Denver, Colorado.  Beau and I read on several people's around-the-world travel blogs how they felt when they arrived home and their transition.  Many of the tra
Hello friends!  I am sorry we disappeared for so long.  We were swallowed by the chaos of boxes.  We're back home in Denver, Colorado!  Right now, I am typing through the pain of sore muscles an