Road Trip | Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

Sullivan Island

Time has flown by so fast since we have come home to the states.  I have been promising for almost 9 months now that I would visit my friends in the South.  Then a wonderful excuse presented itself… a wedding in Charleston! Since I was making the trip all the way to South Carolina, I couldn’t come so far and not visit all my friends.  So a road trip was planned!

I decided to fly to Atlanta and then drive to Sullivan’s Island to stay with friends and relax for the weekend by the coast.  It always amazes me how a location can affect our senses.  Sullivan’s Island had a calming affect on me.  After just a few days with my dear friend and her family I was ready to move Beau and I to Sullivan’s Island.

Sullivan’s Island is over flowing with history, charm, and of course great food.  I had my fill of great food at Poe’s Tavern and High Thyme. The thing I truly love about the island is the great balance of southern hospitality mixed with a laid back beach vibe.  The comforting slow pace made a relaxing weekend.  Cecile, my friend, and I rode bikes the beach until our legs were jelly and then trade our bikes for a golf cart.  You will find residents all over the island favoring the golf cart for inter-island transport.  It fits the laid back atmosphere and it is way more social than a closed car.  I dare say the golf cart is also way more exciting for tours.

Sullivan Island FortSullivan Island Fort

We toured the Fort Moultrie that was formed during the American Revolutionary War  and stood as our coastal defense for 171 years.  Then we drove down the enchanting streets filled with historical homes.  I was very interested in the Colonial style officer’s homes that still stand side by side in perfect condition.

It was nearly impossible to drive away from Sullivan’s Island for my next stop on the road trip.  I truly loved my time there and wished I had a month to clear my mind and find peace on Sullivan’s Island.  I hope to return again soon to see my friend’s growing family.  Thank you for such a wonderful time C + T!

Sullivan Island Officer's HomeSullivan Island Beach HouseCharleston Bridge

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4 Responses to Road Trip | Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

  1. David Wynja says:

    Glad to see you chill out. Take the time and enjoy!

    • Meggan says:

      Thanks Mr. Dave! I wish I had more time to hang on the beach there. I would like to visit again with Beau. I think he would enjoy it! I hope you guys are well.

  2. Blise says:

    Could this be a good painting trip? Or maybe it could be our next girls trip? Miss you!