Road Trip | Nashville, Tennesse

I am sad to say my stop in Nashville was incredible short but I did managed to see and do some of my favorite things.  I have a long history with the music city.  I lived in Nashville from middle school through high school.  So this place is full of memories from my childhood.  Its been almost five years since my last trip back and I was amazed by how much has changed.  Three of my best friends from college showed me around town to see the new urban developments, up and coming neighborhoods, and filling my belly with good food.         Nashville BridgeNashville marathon and southern food

As most of you know by reading our blog, food is a major priority in our life.   I couldn’t come to Nashville and not have southern food.  So the fact that my best friends got us meat-n-3 takeaway for a picnic in the park is my version of heaven!  I was also excited to balance that good food with a long night dancing.  It couldn’t have been a better trip.

While leaving for Atlanta to get my flight back to Denver, I passed the Nashville Music City Marathon.  It was a fun surprise that only reminded me of what a fun city Nashville has become.  I promise to come back to you soon!  Thank you for an awesome visit and a great finish to a fun road trip!

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