San Antonio, Texas – A stylish end to a road trip!

After eating extreme amounts of food on this road trip with my mom, sister, and niece, I decided I need a break from food.  It was time for some eye candy.  Insert here:  Hotel Havana on the San Antonio Riverwalk.  The Hotel Havana is owned by hotelier Liz Lambert.  Liz Lambert also owns Hotel San Jose and Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas.  Liz Lambert has a great vision and design aesthetics for all the Bunkhouse Management boutique hotels.  So adding a hip vintage boutique hotel in San Antonio was a natural progression.  Hotel Havana | San Antonio, TXHotel Havana | San Antonio, TXHotel Havana | San Antonio, TXThe interiors of Hotel Havana are influenced by a Cuban and vintage Texas style. Each guestroom is decorated slightly different but all same language.  The overall feel of the decor has a refined style that establishes a balance between historical and modern.  It is also very approachable because it is not over decorated or filled with cluttered.  Hotel Havana has several antique pieces with a long history in the hotel that have been refinished and reused.  I love the brightly finished SMEG frigs as minibars for a feature element.

Another interesting elements in the hotel is the elevator and hotel bar.  The hotel bar is located in the basement and is quite dark and mysterious.  It is very comfortable and intimate but I did feel a little like it was a rendezvous place for couples trying not to be seen.  Adding to the mysterious and almost naughty feel is the elevator.  The walls of the elevator are upholstered in black vinyl with a black geometric pattern ceiling back-light with red acrylic.  Meow!  It really is a fun twist. Hotel Havana | San Antonio, TXHotel Havana | San Antonio, TXHotel Havana | San Antonio, TXHotel Havana was a great stop on our tour of San Antonio’s Riverwalk.  I am so sad that our road trip has come to an end.  The girls and I had an amazing time exploring and eating our way through Texas.  Its great to be home and see you girls again.  Thank you for the amazing domestic adventure!
River Walk | San Antonio, TXRiver Walk | San Antonio, TX

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