Colorado Love: Denver Art Museum

We have decided to keep up with the positive thoughts about coming home and continue our search for the reasons why we love Colorado.  Coming home after 460 days on the road gave us a chance to have a fresh perspective on what Denver and Colorado has to offer.  So we thought in the next few post we would share some of our favorite places, eats, and activities that we love about living here. One of the things that connected Beau and I when we first started dating was our love of art.  Beau also won points when I found his Denver Art Museum membership card in the kitchen drawer when we were first dating. How cute, right?  So we would like to share with you pictures of the most recent addition to the Denver Art Museum (DAM).  The addition was designed by Daniel Libeskind.  To see pictures of the interior, check out this post by ARCspace.  DAM has a wide range of permanent and visiting exhibits.  We always love the modern art collections but we also have a soft spot for the beautiful Western American Art collections that DAM shows.  The building itself is an interesting sight to see.  I would highly suggest you visiting DAM if you ever come to Denver.  It is also a perfect place to escape Denver’s bipolar weather. As it turns out, two of our closest friends, Casey and Jevan, are leaving Denver this month to move to Portland, Oregon. As our paths cross moving in different directions, they too are exploring the reasons they love and will miss Denver. So take a second to check out KID Collective’s Colorado post.

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2 Responses to Colorado Love: Denver Art Museum

  1. Brian Holdt says:

    If you can’t come up with
    500 reasons why you love
    Colorado almost instantly,
    I’d suggest moving to
    Connecticut. It will all
    become crystal clear
    VERY quickly. 🙂

  2. Come on Brian, don’t be so hard on Conn, this looks interesting…https:///
    As always, it’s good to hear from you!