A picturesque town: Gruene, Texas

On the third day of our road trip, My mom, sister, niece, and I visited Gruene. I was amazed by what I saw from the car as we drove into town.  Gruene is a picturesque little town that could still be in the early 1900s.  Its the kind of town that you see in movies but are probably a sound stage on a lot in LA.  Gruene is the real thing and it has been in movies too.  The most recent big film shot here is “Michael” in 1996 with John Travolta.  Gruene, TXGruene, TX
There is also a great music venue here called Gruene Hall.  My dad (post about him here) has played here several times and they love it.  The venue almost
feels like the meal hall at camp and it still has it’s original floors!  I love it!
Gruene, TXGruene, TXGruene, TXGruene, TXGruene is just outside of New Braunfels and is an easy drive from San Antonio.  I wish we had more time to enjoy the town.  I could have really enjoyed a lazy day on the river soaking up the afternoon sun.  Then I would have moved to Grapevine’s cute porch for a little wine tasting and laughs with the family.  There is also a rockin antique store. Once your hunger has kicked in, there is a great restaurant called the Gristmill.  What could have been better after floating on the river and wine tasting, then some tasty tex-mex infused pan fried trout?  Yummy!  So I hope someone gets to do my Gruene dream day.  If you do, let me know!  Gruene, TXGruene, TXGruene, TXGruene, TXSince our trip is about family, on the way to San Antonio we stopped off in Seguin to see some cousins.  One of our cousins, Crandle, and his wife, Christina, are serving up some darn good mexican food at Christina’s off E. Kingsbury Street.  I loved the tortilla soup and tacos.  Check them out!



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  1. We’ve done the float-down-the-river and then eat at the Gristmill day a couple of times. It’s fantastic! The Gristmill gets VERY crowded on weekend nights, so the wait was lengthy, but worthwhile. I haven’t tried the pan-fried trout, but their burgers are absolutely mouthwatering, and if you manage to get a seat on the back patio overlooking the river as the sun sets, the view is spectacular.
    Come visit us in Dallas sometime, and we can go camp by the river and float. 😀 We’ve been looking for a good excuse to go anyways!