The beginning of a new year | Denver, Colorado

I am sure I am not alone in thinking… ” I can’t believe it’s 2012!” When did that happen?  Where did 2011 go?  I really can’t believe how fast 2011 has come and gone.  Beau and I know we have been missing in action but in our defense I think we have been on another planet with a totally different rate of time.  You will have to excuse us.  We didn’t mean to abandoned our duty to post on the blog regularly.  Truly we’ve just been really focused on trying to launch our new e-commerce website.  We are excited to say several containers of beautiful product are currently being photographed for the website. 

Launching our online store has definitely been a lot more difficult, has taken longer, and is a more intensive of a process than we had originally anticipated.  I have decided to call 2011 the year of “discovery” because we have learned so much on this new path.  Working with artisans and expanding the numbers of countries we are currently working in has truly been rewarding.  I hope 2012 will be the year of “growth” where we put all our new knowledge to use leading us to even more great new experiences.  So keep your eyes open for World Effect to launch our online store full of  beautiful socially and environmentally responsible home decor this spring.  We also have another website in the works called Color Cord Company specializing in DIY pendant light cord projects.  Thank you for your patience and support! 

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  2. Can’t wait to see what big things you accomplish in 2012!

  3. I love the patterns so much. You have the eagle’s eyes capturing perfect photos. I’m excited for your new life in Denver.