The Mesmerizing Waters of Ko Ngai, Thailand

Probably the world’s best problem to have: there’s just too many islands to choose from.  We found ourselves saying this while we were charting out our island tour.  We ended up choosing a small quiet island called Ko Ngai (pronounced Ko Hai).  We were looking for the antithesis of Ao Nang and found it!  There were no souvenirs to be had, no soliciting tailors and only one place to eat… perfect.  Ko Ngai is part of the Trang province, if your interested, click here to find it on a map.  The Satellite view is pretty cool, you can see even see how pretty the water is from space!This is a little island with a dense jungle interior, surrounded by soft white beaches and the clearest most beautiful water we’ve seen on our world tour.  Ko Ngai has no population on the island, no roads and just a handful of resorts with the people that run them, making this a true get away.  There’s some world class snorkeling and diving here, as well as a great place to paddle a sea kayak.  Our favorite thing to do here was read our books on the beach and watch the afternoon thunder clouds roll in over the water.  We really cannot describe how beautiful the water is, it’s mesmerizing -which is why we spent 3 days looking at it. We stayed in a great little bungalow at the Thapwarin resort for a very reasonable rate.  The bungalows were super clean and comfortable.  They also had a couple of fans to keep it well ventilated, no need for a AC.When staying here, be prepared to be a captive audience, there’s no opportunity to look for other restaurants unless you hire a boat to take you to other resorts on the island.  We didn’t mind, the food was good and it felt good not having an option to move anywhere.  In fact, I don’t think we ever got much further than a couple hundred feet from our bungalow for three days.  Writing this post makes me want to be there again, island time at its finest.

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2 Responses to The Mesmerizing Waters of Ko Ngai, Thailand

  1. Mary says:

    Your pictures of Ko Ngai are absolutely stunning. We’re currently in Malaysia and heading to Thailand in a week or so. I think we’ll be putting Ko Ngai on the map.
    Excellent pictures, as always!

  2. Mary says:

    you guys are absolutely amazing