Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

Taking a speedboat from one island to another has to be one of the coolest ways to get to a new country.  We hopped on a speedboat taxi in Ko Lipe, Thailand and about a hour later we were docked at a little immigration office in Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia getting our passports stamped.  It was really that easy.  We know we’re posting many photos of islands and they’re probably starting to all look the same, so we’re mixing it up with this batch by adding a diffusion filter and a dash of tinting.Langkawi is the last stop of our island hopping adventure in the Andaman Sea.  This island is actually very large compared to the other islands we’ve visited, about 25 kilometers across both length and width.  This larger mass gives the island’s interior a much more lush and tropical feel.  We had all intentions of exploring the island via scooter, but we hit the island when everything was closed for the Chinese New Year holiday.  So we did what we’ve become accustomed to lately, living in island time.  We actually caught up on quite a bit of work since, most places have wi-fi, something that was tough to find and expensive in the small islands.We stayed on Pantai Cenang, the most popular beach and also with the most accommodation.  Langkawi has many pristine beaches which are only accessible if you’re a guest at super lux resorts… not in our price range, but we’ve heard they’re amazing!   We were a little concerned staying in the most popular area, but it was really relaxed.  There were plenty of great little restaurants and the place we stayed at was very simple, but on the beach.  Like I said, we didn’t get a chance to explore much, so we can’t really speak for some all areas of Langkawi.  Our take on Pantai Cenang was it was a nice beach, but didn’t have the magic of Ko Lipe and Ko Ngai.  The water wasn’t crystal clear like it was an hour north nor was the sand powdery soft.  Of course we’re not complaining, staying on a beach in Malaysia is never a bad thing!  One thing the Lonely Planet did mention were the jelly fish in the water.  Wow, they weren’t lying!  As I jumped in the water I immediately started feeling golf ball sized objects bouncing off of me followed by tiny, almost undetectable stings.  It takes a mind-over-matter approach if you really want to swim.  There were many “Jedi Knights” in the water, we never quite acclimated to swimming through jellyfish.The beach was a nice place to relax and the diversity in the people was also very interesting.  The typical beach activities are here, beach soccer, volleyball and para-sailing.  Jellyfish and all, we had a good time in Langkawi.

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  1. Sonya says:

    Another beautiful post with stunning photography! Thanks for the inspiration – I’m collecting beach holiday ideas!

  2. Langkawi in Malaysia is really a perfect destination for holiday and traveling! I spend 2 weeks on Langkawi for honeymoon and we really like the scuba diving and the beaches on this paradise archipelago in Asia!

  3. beautiful places! i want visit there someday..

  4. Wonderful photography as ever. This post brings back pleasant memories of my trip to Langkawi last year!

  5. zymert says:

    langkawi is a beautiful and perfect place for a holiday..wonderful picture too…

  6. very nice coverage of langkawi. i like the photos very much!