Travel Design: Good Clean Fun in Singapore

Is Singapore super clean?  Yes.  Is Singapore expensive?  Yes.  Is Singapore densely populated by businesses, hotels, apartments, restaurants, and shopping malls filled with people?  Yes.  But all that aside, how much would you give to be able to get into a taxi cab and not have to fight for the meter or worry about them taking you around the block 20 times?  It was a bizarre feeling for Beau and I to get into a taxi at the airport, see the meter turned on, and not argue with us over the location of our hotel.  Our taxi driver was even telling us about the beautiful trees that line the roads in Singapore.

Armed with the knowledge that Singapore is not filled with tourist sights, we took up the offer from two of our new friends to show us the town.  We visited India, China, and Arab… “town” that is, all in one day.  It gave us a laugh to experience a sample of these cultures with sterile streets.  That was not the case when we were in these countries just recently.  The wonderful part about Little India, Chinatown, and Arab Street is the accessibility to tasty cheap food.  All three areas are filled with beautiful colonial architecture as well.  Once we started to feel the sting of Singapore’s price, we stepped outside and start looking up.  Singapore is filled with amazing modern architecture. It seemed to us that the more adventuresome buildings were the schools and shopping centers on or near Orchard Road.  Several of the schools are new construction and have implement sustainable architecture methods and materials, such as the green roof on the School of Art, Design and Media. One of our favorite buildings (which we don’t have a picture of because of a massive rain storm) was the Lasalle College of the Arts near Little India.  The architecture is so lovely that Beau and I joked that we would go back to school just to spend time in this building.  That is a very talented architect in my mind.  The nice part about clean streets is it allows the opportunity to walk about and take in the abundance of design without the fear of stepping in poop.

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