Ko Samui, Thailand: Sit back and relax

The one thing we’ve missed the most while traveling has been our friends and family. We are always thrilled at the chance of meeting up with someone along the way. Meggan’s Mom decided to make the long haul out to Ko Samui to spend a week with us. Ko Samui is an island off the coast of southeastern Thailand. This is one of the major tourist islands drawing many people to turquoise waters and luxurious resorts.Meggan and I typically get a little antsy in places where you just sit, but we’d been moving pretty hard lately and it turned out to be a perfect change of speed. We had ample time to catch up and have many laughs with Meg’s mom. We didn’t really explore the island a whole lot, we were in full chill mode on the beach.We did hire a boat to take us around the waters of Ko Samui. This turned out to be a highlight of the trip. Our full day trip took us to many small little surrounding islands as well past many of the famous beaches and resorts. The Four Seasons stretching up the side of a mountain overlooking a bay looked absolutely incredible.The last little island we stopped at had a really cool pier, white sandy beach and black rocks. We also had the perfect guide, the local dog. He was the sweetest little guy, following us everywhere… did we mention how much we miss our dog? We really miss our golden retriever back home, so it’s nice to play a little fetch with a dog. Our boat ride was cut short when ominous looking clouds started to build up in the horizon, making for some fun photography. We decided to head back to our hotel before braving a storm in a little speedboat. Ko Samui is not a destination to have an adventure or to be swept up by a foreign culture, it is what it is, a beautiful island packed with amenities. We thoroughly enjoyed our week here with Meg’s mom, it was a perfect place to relax. I hope all of you are ready for some island photography. From Ko Samui, Meggan and I will be doing island hopping all the way down to Malaysia. Stay tuned for more tropical paradise!  

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  1. Ting says:

    Hey there, I’ve just started following your posts recently and I really like them! Have been wondering when are you guys coming to Malaysia so now you are! Can’t wait to see where are you guys gonna explore then 🙂 I’m from Malaysia ;D

  2. Enjoyed looking at the photos. Very impressive.